Many first time inventors come to us with new ideas for products and lots of questions regarding how the typical product development process works. Here is a brief summary of the common workflow:

  1. Define project requirements (both functional and aesthetic)
  2. Conceptual exploration (develop several high level concepts, usually in 3D CAD)
  3. Work with customer to converge on a single concept for further refinement
  4. Refine concept and proceed with full engineering development
  5. Design review with customer to approve final design
  6. Build alpha prototype and evaluate geometry, aesthetic, and function
  7. Additional design refinement based on alpha prototype observations
  8. Build beta prototype and evaluate geometry, aesthetic, and function
  9. If needed, additional design refinement based on beta prototype observations
  10. Identify appropriate contract manufacturer and receive quotes for production
  11. Receive first production sample and inspect
  12. Tooling and/or design refinement as needed based on production sample
  13. Approve production sample and proceed with mass production
  14. Work with contract manufacturer as needed to troubleshoot and facilitate production
  15. Although this is a very condensed version of the steps required for new product development, it will help new inventors understand the large scope involved with bringing a new product through the development and manufacturing stages. If you have specific questions regarding this process, please contact us and one of our sales representatives will be happy to provide a free consultation for your project.

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